Thursday, August 9, 2007

1055. Vibration meter, patented in 1928, number 1,687,507; from the patent:
One application of my invention is to the determination of the vibrations to which incandescent lamps and similar devices are subjected.

I took it apart to see what was inside:

This device came in well made wood box, the slots at the top look like they were made to hold 6 additional small weights, like the one on the end of the pointer.

In this photo you can see a small block of wood in the corner at the top of the box, directly below it is a slot cut into the base, it's about 3/8" wide and 3" long. It seems that I'm missing a piece that was stored in the slot; as seen in the previous photo there is a rotating piece of wood that may have helped keep it secure.

1056. Three pound lead scuba diving weight, similar to these.

1057. Night watchman's Detex Newman watchclock

Used with numbered keys like this one that was posted here awhile ago:

1058. The seller referred to these as log knockers, they were used for dragging timber out of the forest by horse or vehicle power. They are pounded into the sides of the tree and are also called log grabs, logging dogs, timber hooks - individually. Made up into a sling, there may be another name. They perform the same function as "skidding tongs".

This is a scan from a 1906 Fairbanks catalog, where they are named crotch or carting grab:

1059. Spitz A1 planetarium projector, unfortunately the planet drum is missing, it's normally mounted on the lower right but it was being repaired.

Larger image

1060. Door jamb pistol, screwed into a door or window frame, a percussion cap is placed on the nipple and black powder goes into the barrel. When the device is triggered, the spring powered hammer hits the percussion cap, which fires the black powder, scaring away the unwanted visitor. It could also be attached to a tree and rigged to a tripwire for an outdoor alarm.

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